Product Launch Formula Review

How to Make Thousands of Dollars in a Month?
Many people who claim to offer ways for you to make millions of dollars often fail or have yet to make any of those millions themselves. Jeff Walker is different. He has made tens of millions by helping others sell hundreds of millions of their own products through the Internet.Product launch formula review

His Product Launch Formula, quite simply, works as advertised.  It’s no hyperbole. It really is that good, and a completely legitimate way to build your business.

Both online and offline businesses, selling products and services, have seen how these proven strategies he had created recover their investment many, many times over in a flood of new and loyal customers. From zero to thousands of dollars in a single month, the first month, is the main intent behind the Formula.

Who Is Jeff Walker and Why Should You Care?

An online marketer since 1996, he accumulated a vast store of experience about what really works when attempting to sell products online. He began selling investment advice through email, and invented the Sideways Sales Letter that has a proven track record compared to any amount of unfeeling spam mailing.

Using the techniques he eventually laid out in the , he made over a million dollars in one single day. He has even drawn the notice of Forbes, one of the largest sources of news and financial information for business leaders worldwide, and was called ‘The 400-million Dollar Man’.

He is personally known by many industry leaders as an accomplished mentor of effective online marketing and how a humble man can become a self-made millionaire.

But What Is the Product Launch Formula, Specifically?

It is an extensive guide designed to help you create a product, design your launch plan, and gain reliable income  from a constant stream of online sales. It shows you how to use proven methods to drum up excitement and long-term interest for your launch and how to handle your subsequent steady business.

Specifically, it is a systematic business design that’s been working for over 15 years now. It combines the blueprint that Jeff Walker created and multiple case studies about how it works for a variety of people from ebook sales, gardening, massage therapy, to card games, and even horse riding instructors.

Why Should You Invest in the Product Launch Formula?

As mentioned before – because it just works. The information and techniques behind the Product Launch Formula is worth millions of dollars with tens of thousands of satisfied executors. Product launches are important, and many roots of failure can be found in improper preparation and ignorance of other ways to extend your consumer base.

Remember the old saying, information is power? It may be better to say awareness is power. You don’t need to be a business major anymore to understand how training yourself is also an important investment. Knowing how to communicate your ideas well to the greatest number, and how to incite people to take interest in your product, is sure to be of use to you for the rest of your life.

Best of all, the Product Launch Formula is continually updated as new techniques and technical possibilities arise in the ever-changing markets of cyberspace.

What Won’t Get from the Product Launch Formula?

It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. Although it does help define what products you could sell and how you may go on about preparing and handling the demand for your product, you do still actually need a product to sell. It’s not ponzi scheme, and won’t tell you how to run unethical money making practices.

While it tells you proven methods on building your business quickly, the quality of your product is entirely your own responsibility.


For new businesses, a good launch is often the main difference between long-lasting success or failure. Those early adopters are the fuel for sustainability and growth, and provide valuable word-of-mouth recommendations that lead to lasting business relationships.

The traditional hard-sell methods and sales page approach, so abused by so-called internet marketing experts, have already made people automatically defensive and suspicious no matter how good your product is. But the Product Launch Formula helps you build up trust and consumer demand honestly, deeply, and most importantly – quickly.

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